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Construction & Installation

Execution service includes:

  • Construction of treatment basins, control room and related subjects within the treatment plant.
  • Installation of equipment, piping system, electricity/control system.

Execution process is carried out by skillful crews who have been trained well about water and wastewater treatment system. On the other hand, execution process is supervised by excellent engineers who have worked for many years in big projects. All those things assure that every little details in design drawings will be implemented accurately.


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Maintenance And Operation

Operation for request is a service when our customers demand to employ our personnel for system operation after the system has been transferred to the customers. We encourage this kind of service for the benefits below:

  • Saving money and manpower for customers.
  • We know the most what to do to make sure the system function properly.
  • We take responsibility for the effluent water quality and system emergency.
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Environmental Equipment

SUSPRO Supplying, Repairing Enviromental Equipment  quality water treatment equipment to help the system operate firmly: Gas distribution system, Water pump, Metering Pump, Gear Motor,…





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