High Efficient Diffuser

Energy Saving!

  • To generate the fine bubbles of <1 mm and achieve
  • the oxygen transfer efficiency of >40%
  • Blower capacity and the power to reduce by more
  • than 50
  • Supplying oxygen uniformly at a high bottom coverage
  • preventing partial anaerobic state by the abatement of dead space

High Durability!

  • Structure is composed of stainless steel or pvc and durable polyurethane membrane
  • Realized more than 10 years long service life and
  • reduce maintenance costs
Danh mục:

Mô tả

  • 2-4 times higher oxygen transfer efficiency than
  • the other diffusers
  • It can maintain the MLSS is 10,000 ~ 15,000mg / ℓ and
  • increase treatment capacity without additional expansion
  • BOD removal and nitrification can be achived due to a high
  • oxygen transfer efficiency in the aeration tank
  • Cost savings and reduced installation time and easy to
  • install
  • SOTE (%) >35 % Material STS304 / 폴리우레탄
    Air bubble size 1 mm standard W0.2m × L1.5m
    Bottom Coverage 25 ~ 95 % weight 25 kg
    Aeration 100~300 ℓ/min Pressure loss 500 mmAQ

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